Top EQ Tropical

Top EQ Tropical is a highly concentrated mineral supplement, specifically formulated to combat the effects of Big-Head in Horses in regions predominantly prone to this condition. The high calcium and phosphorus content in this supplement allows horses to meet their mineral requirements on pastures with a low daily intake. 

Top EQ Tropical reduces the effects of Big Head in horses grazing high oxalate, Tropical and Sub-Tropical pasture species such as Buffel Grass, Setaria, Para Grass, Green Panic and Kikuyu. These grasses contain concentrated amounts of oxalates when lush and green which bind any calcium present, preventing the mineral from being absorbed in the lower intestinal tract. As a result, the horse is unable to access sufficient calcium from the green grass to meet its dietary requirements and begins to suffer from a calcium deficiency.

Typically this condition only progresses when horses are grazing these pastures for a period of two months, with a higher incidence of the disease being reported after 4 - 8 months. Supplementing with calcium and phosphorus, depending on the level of the nutritional imbalance, will prevent the incidence of Big Head in Horses from occurring. Remember that Big Head is a preventable disease, correct feeding practices and a balanced diet will help prevent your horse from developing Big Head. 


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