Cattle Weaning Rations

This range of grain rations that have been specifically designed for stock that are between 50kg and 250kg. They are full feed rations that are high in energy, protein and effective fibre. Calves may eat up to 2.5% Body Weight on these grain rations. These rations both contain Rumensin®, which aids young animals in controlling Coccidiosis, which is of particular concern when calves are in intensively fed situations.

These grain rations provide the necessary energy and protein that is essential for enabling the development of secondary muscle fibres in young, growing cattle. They can be fed ad-lib either in the paddock in calf creep feeders or in intensive situations, usually in self feeders. Under 250kg, a calf’s rumen is still developing and requires extra energy and protein to assist their development.

Top Early Wean 100

Top Early Wean 100 is specifically designed to completely replace the diet of calves that are between 50—150 kg. This ration meets the nutritional requirements of calves at this size without restricting their development. It is important to provide animals of this size with satisfactory levels of energy and protein to ensure that their development is not limited and their growth potential is maximised.

Top Wean 200

Top Wean 200 is designed for calves that are over 150kg but less than 250kg. This full grain ration provides high energy and protein along with effective fibre to ensure weaners are receiving their daily requirements, and can be fed either in the paddock or in intensive situations. If weaners have not had access to grain in 48 hours prior, they should be started on Top Starter1 for 7—10 days first. It is strongly recommended that weaners also have access to grass, hay or roughage in the paddock when on Top Wean 200. Once they reach 250kg, weaners can change to a finishing grain ration such as Top Finisher, a production rations or a dry, loose lick.

TOP EARLY WEAN 100 18 12.3 4.2 0.8 0.3 0.1 22 <2
TOP WEAN 200 14 11.0 2.9 0.8 0.3 0.1 22 <2
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