Green Pasture Supplements

This range of products are mineral supplements specifically designed to be used when the pastures are green and lush. They are suitable for cattle, sheep and goats that are growing, breeding or fattening; where minerals are limiting and potentially reducing productivity.

Top Crop

Top Crop is designed for ruminants grazing green crops or lush green pastures. Lush green pastures and crops usually have adequate levels of protein and energy, but are often limiting in several minerals with the most common including Phosphorous and Calcium. This product is high in both Phosphorous and Calcium, as well as increased levels of both Sulphur and Magnesium. This range has been formulated with consumptions of around 200—300g/head/day to get 12g Phosphorous per day into your herd.

Top Forage

Top Forage is a mineral supplement designed for livestock grazing sorghum and sorghum related species, including Silk Sorghum. This range contains high levels of Sulphur, which is used to detoxify prussic acid, increasing intakes of the crop. With the increased intakes and a balance of minerals provided by the supplement, higher productivity can be achieved. This product contains low protein and no urea, as it is mineral based. Best cost returns are gained when cattle consume around 300g/head/day.

Top Wet

Top Wet is a high mineral inclusion supplement ideal for lush, green pastures (particularly mixed native grasses) or cereal crops in mineral deficient areas, or where excessive bone chewing is observed. This mineral supplement, is low in protein and contains no urea with consumptions targeted around 100g/head/day. It is designed for females in peak lactation, or growing cattle with high mineral requirements.

TOP CROP 0-20 0.0 6.0 2.0 12.0 9-24
TOP FORAGE 10-30 0.0 4.0 8.0 8.0 10-24
TOP WET 0-30 0.0 9.0 4.0 12.0 0-24
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